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FoodWorks has been active for 15 years throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa as designers and managers of natural resource, food and agribusiness projects. 

Originally established in Hong Kong, in 2018 we incorporated FoodWorks Holding (UK) Limited to strengthen corporate governance allowing for our continuing growth.

We started the company with a $10 million factory development project in China for Procter & Gamble in 2003. In 2016 FoodWorks added bioscience capacity and undertook feasibility studies and conceptual designs for an animal vaccine factory (capex $40 million) in Pakistan.  We have an on-going CEG project in Saudi Arabia and projects in Laos and Thailand. The company includes as partners and managers senior engineers, designers, agronomists, scientists and project managers. The Group's skills fit perfectly into the botanical extracts business.



2018  Laos - Spices and medicinal plants

We have done all our project work in some of the most challenging environments in the world.  FoodWorks Holding (UK) Ltd. owns FoodWorks Co. Ltd. a consulting company incorporated in Hong Kong. Our affiliate, Global Solutions Group covers our interests in the Middle East and Africa.



In Laos we work with the TK Group a top investment company with a diversified business in media and technology, investment consulting, Construction & architecture, Property Development, Food & Beverage, retail, Air Conditioning, energy and resources. '


Our Asia regional market research is outsourced to a Thai-based company, Precisely Limited 


Our clients have included the US Department of Agriculture, USAID, The World Bank Group (IFC), the Asian Development Bank, national governments, NGOs and private corporations.

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